Steve West - Owner

Professional Hunter, Host-Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV

Steve West is a dedicated rifle hunter and host of the Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV series. With years of experience working with Bergara Rifles and Burris Optics he decided to make this combination of rifles and scopes available too his clients and other discriminating hunters and shooters. Steve is hands on to the daily workings in the ammo shop and at the range for both The Adventure Armory and Pendleton Ammunition, overseeing every aspect of the operations personally.

Caesar Fonte - Owner

World Renown Global Hunter, Grand Slam #1915

Having extensively hunted North America, South America, and Africa - Caesar Fonte knows what it takes to be successful in the field and that starts with a great rifle, reliable ammunition, and quality rifle scopes. A long time hunting partner and friend of Steve West they have now worked together to make The Adventure Armory the one place hunters can call to get a quality rifle, scope, and ammo package.