Sako 85 Finnlite World Famous Hunting Rifle Packages

The lightweight RTM fiberglass stock makes the rifle light to carry and the barrel has been treated with a weather resistant Cerakote, which makes this rifle the perfect choice for all conditions. The fully adjustable cheek piece (Finnlite II only) allows you to make the rifle fit you properly, making you more accurate. These rifles have an excellent SAKO action and crisp trigger.

Custom ordered rifles will be made available in these calibers:

.270 WSM, .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Mag, .300 WSM, and .300 Winchester Mag

Sako 85 with Burris 3-15x Veracity Scope - $4,750-$5,250
Sako 85 with Burris 4-20x Veracity Scope - $4,950-$5,450
Sako 85 with Burris 4-16x Eliminator IV - $5,950-$6,450
Sako 85 with Burris 5-20x Eliminator 5 - $6,500-$6,950

Also available with the Swarovski brand scopes among others - call for information and specific pricing on a Sako 85 rifle package.

Cost: $5,500.00-$7,500.00

CALL 1-800-303-1304

Pendlton Ammunition

Our rifle, scope, and ammunition packages include custom, hand-loaded hunting ammo from the top name in the industry. Every rifle goes through a basic load development program and is sighted in - then scopes calibrated or turrets ordered - and the rifle is shipped out with 100-200 rounds of ammo as part of the package which is sighted in and ready to shoot.

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